Professional Website Design The Only Way

If your business were a book, your website would be its cover. Your website is often what creates the first impression about your business. It is the first marketing material your market sees. Your prospects want to see your website for several reasons. Most importantly, they want to find out more about your business. They want to see if your website creates an image that is professional and trustworthy. If your website lets them down, it might be the last time they contact you.

Your website is a key influencer on which people can decide whether or not to engage your services or to recommend your company. A poorly designed out of date website can drive your prospects to your competitors. You want your office to create a professional image and so should your website.

Professional web design starts with your prospects in mind. The design of your website will be influenced by what market you are targeting. For example, a web design company, targeting businesses would have a very different website than a website that targets college students. The design and functions of the website is influenced by its intended audience.

The best websites are a careful mixture of creativity and business savvy. The design has to accommodate your business goals. Your company logo, the website navigation, the text content, the images you use will have an impact on the design.

Your website should work with your brochures, catalogs, tradeshow signage, flyers, letterhead packages, postcards, all of your marketing materials. A professional graphic designer can help you define and re-define your brand identity, which is in turn part of your brand identity and clearly positions your company, products, and services in the minds of your target audience.

An excellent web designer will help you coordinate your website’s image with the image created by the rest of the elements that are part of your corporate identity. As a result it increases brand awareness and creates a positive image, ultimately strengthening your brand and increasing your competitive advantage.

There is a need for consistency among your marketing materials such as fonts, colors, images, language, etc. Other features that are key are navigation menus, usability, web page load speed. Good website design means making your website user friendly.

With the help of a professional web designer you can greatly increase your competitive edge. Your website can become your first impression leading to greater trust and increased levels of credibility. It could take you one step closer to success.


The Best Way To Style A Leading Internet Web Site

 The article below discusses some of the widespread features of the best web websites presently on the net. You could very nicely be employing the services of a skilled web designer such as internet style Surrey to create your own personal internet internet site, however it is worth keeping on leading of what an excellent web website ought to incorporate.

An straightforward strategy to start off smartening up your internet site is to look at the position of your firm logo. This may virtually always be discovered at the best left hand side of every single web page, such as the property page. This is where your visitors will appear for it so, if it is not there, but hidden elsewhere, it could prove a disconcerting expertise.
Likewise, your search box ought to be located inside the leading appropriate of each and every page. This can be a facility that is not typically offered on smaller web sites but, if your site is actually a big 1, will certainly be a necessity. Your visitors will use your site from top to bottom and will naturally be looking at the usual search location to uncover yours. By the way, in the event you do use a search facility then make sure it works efficiently. Keep an eye on what folks are truly searching for, because this may possibly reflect a deficiency in what is accessible or visible on your internet website and this could possibly be rectified with some simple changes.

Most web users tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to internet web site use. They desire to discover answers to their widespread questions simply. Be sure you answer their usual queries which revolve around your company’s reliability, ability to deliver the goods, back up support, capacity to be contacted, reliability and security of payment techniques and so on. These questions, if addressed, will result in an a lot more confident and assured visitor profile.

Visitors will hope for a fast internet site when they check out. They will be put off by slow speeds. Employing CSS style sheets, lightweight XHTML code, server side caching, and valid internet standards compliance amongst other things will mean that you are in a position to deliver what your visitors want at the speed they prefer. Another approach to deliver quicker content is to allow browser caching.
Make sure you permit your web website visitors have some selection over the way in which they view your website. In certain allow a selection over font size. You’ll have visitors with differing visual acuity and delivering visitor preferences will mean which you allow the maximum number of individuals a chance to make use of your web site. Exactly the same rule applies to browser size and screen resolution. Keep everything as easy and straightforward to make use of as doable and this may make sure you have the traffic volume that can ultimately guarantee you a lot more effective sales.

Consistency throughout your web site is vital to help keep visitors on internet site. Nothing is worse than confusing individuals half way by way of the internet site with a totally different style of navigation. Maintain the way in which your web internet site is navigated as well as the style of links entirely consistent.

Content on an internet website is all important. Users want relevant content and not a great deal of unnecessary waffle. Websites with too many garish graphics or font styles and colours that are challenging to see won’t be extremely well-known. Use an internet website that has a clean lay out and fonts which can be simple to study and this will be a lot more effective. Your web internet site is really a window onto the items you supply, so that you


A Web Developer Can Give Your Site A Fighting Chance

A Web Developer Can Give Your Site A Fighting ChanceFor a great number of folks in today’s society, it would be hard to picture a world without computers. For the youngest generation, living without the internet is an unimaginable, perhaps even cruel concept. With the internet growing in variety and list of customers each day it follows that there are websites being created on an astounding scale. With thousands upon thousands of sites to choose from, there is something out there on every subject imaginable. In other words, if you can invent an idea in your mind, chances are there is a website about it.

On the other side of the spectrum, by having so much to choose from the competition can be fierce. If you were to look up a website about sports on a search engine, this topic would no doubt be covered by an incredible number of sites providing all kinds of information. So which would you choose? The more popular the subject, the harder it is to stand out. Even where the subject of the website has a rather small niche market, there is still no guarantee that the site will get the amount of visitors that they want.

Some people, however, think that their website will attract others simply by existing. They believe that the site can be bare boned with hardly any color or interest to it and still work. If you own a site with these details, and have enjoyed popularity, this is good. You should be amazed that you were able to achieve such an accomplishment. However, just because it happened for you, that does not mean it is possible for everyone. In fact, a very plain site is less likely to do well, and people will not necessarily want to come back after their first visit.

If you want your website to attract attention, you need to make it pleasing to the eye. In other words, if you improve the navigation of your site, and create a color scheme or image that projects your brand, success is more likely to reach you. While some people can make these changes themselves, it is a good idea to hire a person that does this kind of thing for a living. They will understand the importance of having a good looking site, one that will get good ranking with the search engines. Proper web development should always be job one.

The internet lives and breathes in the world today with millions of people using it to do just about anything. With so attention and stiff competition, you need to put a whole lot of effort into not only making a great website, but employing every means possible to rank high and get noticed. Leaving everything plain and uninspiring is no way to run things, and will not help the site live up to its true potential. Hiring a web development expert will give you the leg up you need. Whether your site is about sports, weight loss, or collectible coins, give it a fighting chance.


How to Build a Database Driven Web Site

 If you ever want to create a state directory, article directory, dating site or link directory, you need to know about creating database driven web sites. This may seem like a daunting task at first, if you have never done it, however I was in the same boat as you. It is not as difficult as you think.

Benefits of building database driven web sites

-Store vast amounts of information about your products or services.

-Efficient data sorting and retrieval

-Complex queries and statistical analysis performed relatively easily

-Separate site design from site’s content

-Create new pages on the fly without manually creating or editing new web pages

-Makes it easy for client to post content, update records without the need to know html or rely on a web developer.

-Advanced search capabilities

-Attract repeat visitors with fresh and constantly updated content.

-Update site information online without the need to upload web pages.

-Site maintenance greatly reduced.

-Enhance web interactivity


MySQL – to retrieve information from a database, you first need to have a database. That’s where MySQL comes in. MySQL is a relational database management system, or RDBMS. It’s a software package that is very good at organizing and managing large amounts of information. MySQL also makes that information readily accessible by using a server-side scripting language like PHP.

PHP – this is a server-side scripting language. With PHP installed, your Web server will be able to read a new file (called a “PHP script”) that can retrieve information instantly from a database and insert it into a web page before sending it to the browser that requested it. PHP is completely free to download and use.

Check with your current Web host. Make sure they have already installed MySQL and PHP on your Web server. Most web hosting companies already have it installed. If not find a web host that provides this service.

Steps to building a database driven web site:

You will be building a link directory site using a mySQL database and the WSN Links Script (a PHP script). Here’s an example of the “Colorado Business Directory Site” that was built, based on following the 7 steps below:


1. Check that your web host has PHP 4.10+ (or PHP 5) and MySQL 3+ installed on the server.

2. To create the mySQL database on the web server:

-login to the cpanel of your server ie domainname/cpanel with your user name and password.
-click on ‘MySQL Databases’ icon.
-enter database name
-click ‘add db’
-click on ‘go back’
-under ‘Users’ enter user name and password for database
-click ‘add user’
-click on ‘go back’
-click on ‘add user to database’

You should now get the reply that your database installation was successful.

3. Download the PHP script files to your desktop at: WSN links – http://www.isitebuild.com/cgi-bin/a/t.cgi?wsnlinks

4. Extract files from the ZIP folder and save them to a folder on your computer.

5. Upload all the extracted files to your hosting space

6. Set the correct permissions for your files.

7. To complete the installation and to customize the script, read the manual at:


You can continue to customize or edit your site online by accessing the admin panel within your web site.

Adding, sorting, retrieving, searching data, creating new pages, links etc can now easily be accomplished.

Congratulations!… you successfully have built yourself a database driven web site.