Coding Is Not Everything In Web Application Design And Development

There are many people who believe that money is everything in life while there are some that still believe that money is not everything in life. Same is the case with web application design and development. Some developers with limited perception believe that coding is everything that is needed for web application design and development. In fact, though coding plays a crucial role in web designing and development, experienced professionals will justify that besides coding there are other aspects that have to be considered for a successful web design and development.

Some of these prominent aspects are as follows

– Requirement of the user:
The user’s requirement varies from users to user. This is because the industry, profile and the mode of operations vary from firm to firm. It is obvious that the user is going to buy the web application or get the web application design that best fits his or her requirements. If the user does not find the application of any use to him/her he/she is not going to buy it.

– Usability:
A web application is not designed to make things easier not difficult. Not only should the web application fulfill the needs of the user but also easy to use. The user should not find it difficult to operate the application. If the application is difficult to use, the user is never to place the order for that application. The more the web application is easy to use, more is the good will of the web application developer. The web application needs to make the application easy to use through help sections too.

– Compatibility:
If the web application works on one browser and does not work on another, it means that its utility is restricted to one specific browser. Nowadays the operating system and platforms also vary. The web application should be designed in such a way that it works on all the browsers, operating systems and platforms. The variations pertaining to this should not limit the utility or functionality of the web application.

– Security:
Security of the data needs to be one of the most critical concerns while designing the web application. There are many hackers on the lookout for vulnerable web applications. They just wait for a chance to break through the security systems and get access to the critical data. The web applications that are used for banking and transfer of funds should offer optimum security of the password and username. Besides this data there could be other data in the web application, which if made public, could harm the business. This implies that the web application should offer optimum security of the critical data.