Professional Website Design The Only Way

If your business were a book, your website would be its cover. Your website is often what creates the first impression about your business. It is the first marketing material your market sees. Your prospects want to see your website for several reasons. Most importantly, they want to find out more about your business. They want to see if your website creates an image that is professional and trustworthy. If your website lets them down, it might be the last time they contact you.

Your website is a key influencer on which people can decide whether or not to engage your services or to recommend your company. A poorly designed out of date website can drive your prospects to your competitors. You want your office to create a professional image and so should your website.

Professional web design starts with your prospects in mind. The design of your website will be influenced by what market you are targeting. For example, a web design company, targeting businesses would have a very different website than a website that targets college students. The design and functions of the website is influenced by its intended audience.

The best websites are a careful mixture of creativity and business savvy. The design has to accommodate your business goals. Your company logo, the website navigation, the text content, the images you use will have an impact on the design.

Your website should work with your brochures, catalogs, tradeshow signage, flyers, letterhead packages, postcards, all of your marketing materials. A professional graphic designer can help you define and re-define your brand identity, which is in turn part of your brand identity and clearly positions your company, products, and services in the minds of your target audience.

An excellent web designer will help you coordinate your website’s image with the image created by the rest of the elements that are part of your corporate identity. As a result it increases brand awareness and creates a positive image, ultimately strengthening your brand and increasing your competitive advantage.

There is a need for consistency among your marketing materials such as fonts, colors, images, language, etc. Other features that are key are navigation menus, usability, web page load speed. Good website design means making your website user friendly.

With the help of a professional web designer you can greatly increase your competitive edge. Your website can become your first impression leading to greater trust and increased levels of credibility. It could take you one step closer to success.